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3D4MD joins Canada Makes

OTTAWA – Canada Makes is pleased to welcome 3D4MD as its newest member. 3D4MD creates 3D printable medical supplies to deliver healthcare in the most challenging places to those who need it the most.3D4MD

“3D printing offers the opportunity for real change in how everything is done and 3D4MD is at forefront of this new reality,” said Martin Lavoie Director of Innovation with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). “The innovative work being done at 3D4MD will save lives and bring new capabilities to remote areas until now only envisioned in science fiction.”

“3D4MD will be the first enterprise to 3D print medical tools in space.  Low-cost, mobile 3D printers allow us to deliver better healthcare for space missions, the developing world, and here at home, said Dr. Julielynn Wong, Director 3D4MD.

Over one billion people lack access to electricity.  In many remote areas, to have access to a simple medical item is expensive and can take weeks or months to arrive in the hands of medical staff.  3D4MD‘s Dr. Wong has designed and tested a solar-powered, plug-and-play, ultra-portable 3D printing system to manufacture a range of hygienic, effective, and low-cost medical supplies at the point of use.

3D printer medical bag

Ultra-portable, plug-and-play, solar-powered 3D printing system

Today it’s possible to use low-cost 3D printers to make medical supplies locally using solar energy.  3D4MD’s mission is to use 3D printers to deliver the highest standard of medical care in the most challenging places to those who need it the most.  3D4MD brings technologists, healthcare professionals and patients together to create affordable 3D printable medical solutions to positively impact over one billion lives.

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